VIVID Design Rotterdam presents:
January 12th till March 2nd 2003


Bertjan Pot & Tjeerd Veenhoven

The works by Bertjan Pot and Tjeerd Veenhoven often started of as experiments. Both are suckers for new materials and they are both, in their own way, fascinated by production techniques. Last year they met each other during the furniture fair in Milan. This year they decided to join forces in a duo-presentation.

In Vivid’s expo space Bertjan Pot and Tjeerd Veenhoven will be experimenting with changing settings. And they will present their “Puffin Club” (a cynical-smokers-lounge).
The audience and space of Vivid will be used for the Try-out. The première will be at the Milan Furniture Fair

opening: January 26th 16h00 !!!




Milan Furniture fair  

Press release:

“The Puffin club” by Bertjan Pot (Monkey Boys) and Tjeerd Veenhoven.

The Puffin club is a hangout for smokers and their friends in witch Pot and Veenhoven will present their furniture and lighting ideas. They are supported with guest appearances by Chris Kabel, Ineke Hans and the Ronner Brothers.

Bertjan and Tjeerd are bad quitters. Because of their somewhat neurotic characters a cigarette once in a while is a blessing. Quite frequently they light each other up.
To legalize this behavior during their presentation in Milan they decided to make it their gimmick and the subject of their exhibition.

The Puffin Club
The Puffin Club is a hangout for smokers and above all a duo presentation by Tjeerd Veenhoven and Bertjan Pot.
As a cigarette is slowly going out in the sandy ashtray by Bertjan, the Tube chair by Tjeerd is just asking to be sat on, while you are smoking a cigarette. Pot’s Large foldup lights the smoky atmosphere as Tom Waits takes care of the music.

Guest appearances
The Ronner brothers will be showing their new movies. NoMoreDeadSailors (a very special gas lighter) by Chris Kabel makes sure that everyone’s cigarette is properly lit. While Ineke Hans also states her opinion about smoking with her design.

Because of the excellent air-conditioning system even the non-smokers are welcome to admire all the products. Before you know it, The Puffin Club is the hippest hangout in Milan, as everyone wants to stay one cigarette longer.

opening Try-out