Tjeerd Veenhoven, Tent for one Person

materials: polyester Fabric
polycarbonate or highstrenghtsteel frame
size: length=220 diameter=60
weight: 600 grams up to 1000 grams, depending on version and size
prototype date: 06-2000
production date: 01-2003

This tent is designed to provide a quick shelter for night or refuge.
Because of its lightweight and small size it is easy to store in backpack, canoe,
bike. It is ready for use in 30 seconds and can be packed in the same time span.
Because of its flexibility in construction and function is should used in the most
experimenting way as possible, it will make your camping trip more interesting
Because of the exact combination of materials and production techniques it is easy
to produce and eventually cheap. Producers are still acquired to position this new,
daring concept in a crowded and demanding market.