Tjeerd Veenhoven, folded stools

materials: PET, fabric, heat resistant glue, resistancewire, heat resistant tape
size: from 92 cm x 92 cm folded into 40 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm

This is a first in a series of folded furniture. The general idea is to lay out a
foldingpattern of resistancewire on a thermoplastic sheet. The wire can be heated by
connecting it to your wallsocket. The current heats the wire to 120 degrees Celsius, just
enough to heat the plastic and make it soft. After 5 minutes the lines are warm enough, fold
the stool in shape and unplug, the plastic cools down and hardens, the stool is finished.

Furniture can be delivered in flat sheets, which is very efficient for storage and transport,
and shaped on location when it is needed. The technique is also prepared for use in

Folded Degrees

materials: DIBOND 4mm 9a laminate consisting of 2 layers of aluminium seperated by plastic PE
size: Stool: 26 x 32 x 44
prototype date: 07-2002
production date: 08-2002

By removing the excess material in the to be folded lines the stools can be folded and glued
for strenght, very easy to produce and offered in several colours.