Laurens Stok & Jonas Lutz

February 26 - April 23, 2023

opening: Sunday 26 February, 16.00 hrs

Paintings by Laurens Stok & Sculptures by Jonas Lutz

Laurens Stok (1983, Ridderkerk, Netherlands) and Jonas Lutz (1985,Tammisaari, Finland) are working now for more than 10 years after their graduation. During that time they were both investigating the possibilities of the materials they were using. And they both tried, in their research, to reduce.
For Laurens Stok, by painting, he found out a couple of years ago, that using only the 4 CMYK colors (the same colors a magazine-printer uses to print a full color magazine, poster or book) he could tell his story and still have endless possibilities.

For Jonas Lutz making sculptures out of wood he wanted to reduce the waste to a minimum, but also keep on telling his story. So he started 3 years ago this series of sculptures that begins with one tree trunk and the idea that the off cuts created, when shaping the wood, should join together with the trunk to form a complete sculpture.

Galerie VIVID is proud to bring together these Rotterdam based artists with mostly new work made over the past 2 years.


photos Laurens Stok & Jonas Lutz