Ward van Gemert & Tim Breukers

January 21 - March 3, 2024

Opening 21 January 16.00 hrs

Tim Breukers

Through sculpture, installation and collage, Tim Breukers tries to make new meaningful connections between material, a situation and himself. Important roles are played by: scale, humor, story and sculptural techniques versus very simple solutions.
In this exhibition Breukers shows aluminum works using the lost wax method, constructed as a collage and then sandblasted. The tin works were made during a residency in Curaçao where he came into contact with the local, tin recycling tradition called 'Blekero'.

Ward van Gemert
P.O.V. Circles and P.O.V. Art Objects

The oculus dates back at least to Rome’s Pantheon. As an architectural element, it endured across millennia as a practical way to bring light, air, and a sense of movement from the outside in. But as an artistic motif, the oculus has carried a dynamic cultural significance, persisting through time as a symbolic portal to the self, the other, and the divine.
In the Renaissance, Early Netherlandish painter Jan Van Eyck incorporated mirrors into the scenes of his portraits, offering his patrons and viewers lessons on perception, distortion, and the behavior of light. Van Eyck’s famous Arnolfini Portrait (1434) depicts two figures standing in an well appointed interior; behind them a convex mirror is placed like an eye in the center of the composition. Upon close examination, we see a reality that differs from what is shown in the foreground. The presence of additional figures add to the mystery and strangeness of the painting, which is considered a masterpiece of complex geometric perspectives.

Dutch artist Ward van Gemert, represented by Rotterdam-based Galerie VIVID, brings this tradition into the 21st century with his P.O.V.objects. Deftly named to highlight the fact that "point of view" is critical to the way it's perceived, the object is a 24-inch round resin ring surrounding an abstract lenticular circle that, when hung on the wall, creates a continuously dynamic range of color. It is in constant flux, responding to the light that surrounds it and the viewer's movement. P.O.V. becomes both a portal of light and a reflection of the external.The Point Of View also plays an important role in the new works, made as a light box.
In addition to the motifs that we find in the work of the Dutch Masters, we see in P.O.V. references to contemporary artworks by Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Anish Kapoor and James Turrell, among others.

Lee F. Mindel, New York


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Art Rotterdam

January 31 - February 4, 2024

Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

Galerie VIVID is proud to participate the 25th edition of Art Rotterdam, marking not only the fair’s milestone anniversary but also celebrating that VIVID was founded in 1999, 25 years ago!
In the first corridor of the fair at booth 06, VIVID will present:

Milan Kunc
Peter Angermann
Bob Bonies
Tomas Rajlich
Sigrid Calon
Wouter Dam
Arnout Meijer
Laurens Stok
Jonas Lutz



















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