On show at the Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam

From the 27 of October until the 5th of January 2003, the Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam will held an exhibition on Fabrica, a full immersion on its latest projects, from design to music, from video to new media and photography, with some hints to Colors magazine. The show, based on a pure, simple graphic lay out, takes place while the Netherlands Archicture Institute (Nai) in Rotterdam dedicates a retrospective to Italian designer Gio Ponti (1891-1979).

Fabrica Forever is a melting pot of images and signs that evocates the creative energy of a community of young artists and at the same time documents the impact of visual communication today. Words, pictures, artworks, objects, faces, posters, sounds, videos become a unique language pervading, sometimes disturbing the visitor.

Fabrica is Benetton's communication research centre. Created in 1994, Fabrica has chosen to back the hidden creativity of young artists/researchers from all over the world. Following careful selection, they are invited to develop concrete communication projects in areas ranging from cinema to graphic design, from industrial design to music, from editorial production to new media, to photography.

Gala Fernandez, Paolo Palma, Carlos Casas (Fabrica)
Aad Krol (Vivid Rotterdam)