Bik Van der Pol

June 22 - August 20, 2013

Liesbeth Bik (1959) and Jos van der Pol (1961) have been working together as Bik Van der Pol since 1994. The two Rotterdam citizens are not classical studio artists.
They often work on location, use, reuse and reactivate the work of others – be they from the world of art, journalism, media or history – and confront the visitors with situations in which they themselves have the last word. They are ‘occasional creators’ who enable a confrontation without wanting to control everything. They challenge and we, visitors, critics, artists, scientists, historians and curators, are asked to get involved. Without us, the work is incomplete. Bik Van der Pol’s oeuvre consists not so much of interpretations as of interacting elements that generate a communicative platform. They continually question the function and meaning of art and art spaces and repeatedly request that what we conveniently call history or general body of thought be updated and evaluated. Bik Van der Pol’s work contributes to the discussion: what is the social significance of modern art museums and how can today’s art encourage the public to get involved?



works on display:

Accumulate, collect, show
inkjetprints (edition of 5 + 1 ap)
dimensions 50 x 70 cm

Accumulate, collect, show is derived from the installation with the same title, which was made for Frieze Projects in 2012. That work consists of a full size live-scoreboard, an open framework with modular text-elements that can be changed and replaced, and that performs as a generator of constant activity. It is animated live by assistants who constantly change the text to spell out abstract idioms, quotes and maxims. Emphasizing on the temporary visibility of a continuous flow of language -as a form of capital part of any economy – the work reflects on the value of ‘buzz’ and the ‘unfolding’ of language, as a perhaps futile fluidity that connects action and change.

Little Liars (collection from Kiev, models 1-9)
bronze casts from one-channel radios, found in Kiev, Ukraine
Sizes variable

Little Liars was the (nick)name of the radio receivers in the Soviet Union that would receive only one single frequency. These radios, usually installed in the kitchen, were part of every Soviet household, and had to be on all day. They were the only source of information on what took place in the rest of the world, and as well as the newspapers at that time also this medium was controlled entirely by the state.

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Irma Boom

Chanel No. 5

June 22 - August 20, 2013


New Arrivals, August 25 - September 21, 2013
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