summer 2005

July 29th - September 4th 2005

Maurice Nio
Snake Space

“The spaces on which the works of NIO architecten stand are probably the first to be somewhat surprised. The snake that traverses them and that usually enters them amidst total indifference traces an indeterminate succession of environments that tend to elude the gaze of the architect. These are faceless spaces, the ones where more institutional forms of architecture do not have the words or means to express themselves” (Marco Brizzi).


July 1st - July 24th 2005: StraatWijs

Andy Mueller
Evan Hecox
Nultien ontwerp


Skateboarding is one of the most vibrant and creative subcultures, encompassing not only skateboarding itself but also fashion, music, magazines, photography and dvd. The enormous creativity involved runs a close second to that of the visual arts.

Much of the creative talent in skateboarding is centred around businesses and design offices, often set up by skateboarders themselves:
Ohiogirl by Andy Mueller, Chocolate Skateboards with designer Evan Hecox, HuMobisten (Gyz la Rivière & Rufus K.) and vijf890
The VIVID exhibition shows products of these designers in combination with furniture and lamps by Nultien.


June 18th - June 26 2005

Graduation show
Willem deKooning Academy
Graphic Design

Ties Alfrink
Mark de Bruijn
Susanne Keilhack
Nicole Martens
Johan Moorman
Hugo de Pagter
Hester Straathof
Myrthe Veeneman
Marjolein Vermeulen

Buro Marsille

opening, Graduation show, Willem deKooning Academy