From September 16th till November 11th 2001, VIVID design is organizing the exhibition:

Lars Spuybroek

The exhibition presents the work of NOX, the Dutch architecture office of Lars Spuybroek.

Three main directions have become more and more intertwined in the NOX projects of the last five years: 1. the conceptual, as well as instrumental use of complex computing procedures in design, 2. the irrepressible desire to build, and 3. the continuous attention for the body and experience as an integral part of architectural structure. This particular relationship was already visible in their first realized project - the well-known Water Pavilion in the Netherlands - with interactive projections and sensors on the curved walls, ceilings and floors, but it has been developed much further since then, apparent in many other projects that are slowly increasing in scale. These three obsessions in the work of NOX are now presented with a new technique of exhibiting where the surface of perception (image/wall) merges with the surface of action (plan/floor): the FLURB©.

The FLURB© is somewhat similar to Jackson Pollock´s drippings, his action-paintings, where a diagram produced on the floor, horizontally, is rotated into a vertical image, but here the canvas has been freed from its frame to start crawling both over floor and wall. The FLURB© connects the invisible formative forces from the computer to the visual results of a built structure and back again to the invisible feelings of experiencing human bodies. The FLURB© combines and relates diagrams, computer drawings, photos, analyses, models into one singular flexible surface. The FLURB© grows from the inside out like a snowflake, internally organized by the connections and relationships within each project. The FLURB© looks for the architecture of the exhibition space as well, it becomes a body itself: crawling, jumping and sliding, flexible, physical maps that enter the body space of the visitor. The FLURB© shows bodies and architecture on the same scale.

The exhibition presents six projects of NOX, each within their own FLURBAL UNIVERSE, next to computer generated models.