27 - 08 / 22 - 10 2000


Lucio Auri & Jeroen Jacobs
Esther Derkx
Richard Hutten
Patrick Kruithof
Annelies de Leede
Jos van der Meulen
Damian O'Sullivan

Used materials and trash is for this group of designers the essence of a whole new range of products. Old records, ditched dishes and teacups, splinters, old paper money, billboard paper, empty wine bottles and depreciated furniture are ready to enjoy a new life. The 'Re-play' exhibition demonstrates that the growing amount of waste results in a growing amount of clever, optimistic and inspiring products.
Esther Derkx: discarded tableware is being re-printed with a unique ceramic silkscreen technique. Old motifs and new images form an unpredictable combination.
Richard Hutten: under high pressure junk wood, old paper money and hemp become a dish.
Patrick Kruithof: L.P's are being transformed and function as dishes. Luxaflex becomes ruler. Annelies de Leede: the recycling of splinters does not only reduce dump material but also creates a wonderful visual effect.
Jos van der Meulen: besides his well known waste-paper baskets made of billboard paper, Van der Meulen has now launched colorful document files and A4 paper blocs that can be used as inkjet paper.
Damian O'Sullivan: old wine bottles are being re-heated in order to reshape the bottleneck. The transformed bottles stimulate a new life as vase or carafe.
Lucio Auri & Jeroen Jacobs this duo of Berlin artists create complete new interiors out of old furniture in a functional and guaranteed unique style.