VIVID gallery proudly presents:
Joost van Bleiswijk
Kiki van Eijk
new work
November 13, 2010 - January 5, 2011

opening Sunday November 14, 4pm
with extra -outdoor- presentation by Lambert Kamps

At VIVID in Rotterdam Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk present new work.
For this exhibition Van Bleiswijk worked only with thick steel plates and a blowtorch to create the 'no screw no glue rough' edition. He made sculptures that could be art pieces, you could use them as tables or cupboards...
Van Eijk made the autonomous objects 'Floating Frames' out of brass wire, adding ceramic parts. In this work the construction looks like little ink drawings. This limited editions express her freedom of sketching in objects. They look like real life 3d sketches, in which you can clearly see the function: a clock, a candle holder, lamps.

....The works of Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eik in this exhibition reinforce each other in a positive way. The tough strength of Joost, his heavy steel plates against the fragility of Kiki's airy and less systematic structures, give an additional tension to both artifacts.....

Design: a gendered thing?
Andre Koch,
November 26, 2010

opening   Outdoor presentation by Lambert Kamps