For 2001 VIVID presents 4 solo- expositions of Rotterdam based artists: 3 designers: Ton Haas, Richard Hutten, Hella Jongerius and architect Lars Spuybroek.

May 20th - July 15th 2001

Richard Hutten

Fresh stuff, straight from the furniture fair in Milan will be ready to be admired.

The Zzzidt is made for the garden of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. You can sit on it and use it as a table. Brand new (not been seen in Milan) is the Zzzidt-lamp.

Ding 1(Thing 1), Ding 2 ........Ding 10 are variations on the well known No-Sign-of-Design chair.

Aslo to be admired the already famous Sexy Relaxy, produced by E&Y from Japan.