The best of Film Festival Rotterdam

27 January - 13 March 2005

The best posters of the film festival Rotterdam completed with the daily newspapers of the 15th edition (1986) of the festival.
All the exhibited work comes from the rich collectie of graphic designer Rick Vermeulen
The exhibition at VIVID was opened by Paul van Yperen, manager communication of the Premsela foundation and former curator of the collection film posters of the Dutch Filmmuseum

In 1981, ´Hard Werken´ was approached by the director of the Rotterdam film festival, Hubert Bals. He asked the group to design posters for the 10 most important movies of the Film Festival Rotterdam. Later these posters would be used to promote the distribution of the movies.
Willem Kars, Gerard Hadders, Rick Vermeulen, Henk Elenga and Ton van Haspel began working together in 1979. They all were former students of the Academy of Arts Rotterdam and met each other at the Grafische Werkplaats, an initiative of the Art Foundation Rotterdam. For Hard Werken the lively Sixties and Seventies were an important period. They shared a cross-border treatment in their work. This characterised itself especially by experimentings with typographics, photography and illustration.

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