22 August – 3 October 2004

Eternally Yours

TIME ITEMs ; Time in Design revisited. A selection of artist contributions to the Time in Design conference organised in October 2003 and results of Eternally Yours demonstration projects.


Gijs van Bon
Liesbeth Bonekamp
Cynthia Hathaway
Ed van Hinte
Annelies de Leede
Helen de Leur
Karin van Lieshout
Jo Meesters
Rachel van Outvorst
Sang Hoon Lee
Marieke Sonneveld
William Wilson

The Eternally Yours Foundation researches ways to extend the life endurance of products. Their first book, bound in gold with gilded edges, became an instant hit in 1997. This was not only because of the contents but also due to the spectacular design by 'Studio Gonnissen en Widdershoven' which was awarded the prestigious Best of Category award in the Graphics category in the 1998 I.D. Annual Design Review.

This first book was sold out quickly and is still a collectors item among designers all over the world. Time in Design, the second book by Eternally Yours, will be designed by the same couple (now working as Thonik). Promising pioneering texts and innovative design.

Billions of products virtually die before their time has come. They can be found in silent places in homes, or they are needlessly recycled, buried on landfills or simply burnt. Time is no consideration in product design. Most consumer products are not supposed to have a future, apart from being predecessors to the next in line. Time can be incorporated in the design of products in such a way that their value can be sustained and they can be kept in use for a longer time.


The Eternally Yours foundation aims to extend user product lifespan. Sustainability of product value is not limited to product materiality. Stories and services are part of it. Time in design revolves around many subjects: fashion, aging, wear, communication, rooted-ness, rituals, materials, evolution and time itself.

In a period of ten years the Eternally Yours foundation gathered expertise on lifespan extension by setting up student and professional demonstration projects involving many different disciplines like sociology, philosophy, advertising, servicing, technology, economy and product design. Eternally Yours organized two international conferences, several experts meetings and discussions with industry. Conclusions and guidelines were brought together in two publications. The first in 1997, the second will be brought out and presented during the exhibition.


Exhibition design and realisation: Aardige Jongens

Supported by:
Eternally Yours Foundation, Den Haag
MAX strategy by design, Rotterdam
Plasti-ned, Rijen
Alligator plastics BV, Son