VIVID Gallery proudly presents:

EventArchitectuur & KesselsKramer

April 25 - June 27, 2010

In this exhibition VIVID brings together the best Dutch advertising agency KesselsKramer and one of the biggest name in exhibition design EventArchitectuur.

EventArchitectuur will introduce SPACES, their first furniture line.
KesselsKramer will show '40 Trade Ads', an important work from 2008 by Erik Kessels and several publications

With SPACES, a series of libraries, desks and shelves, EventArchitectuur breaks the classic bounderies between objects and spaces, but also between designer and user by offering a system of building blocks. These blocks contain the genetic code of the design, while supplying tools for the user to create his own interpretation.
In the VIVID Gallery EventArchitectuur presents a limited series of their own interpretation of Spaces in order to show the full potential of their genetic code. These first prototypes are handmade, using oak wood and birch wood multiplex.

40 Trade Ads by Erik Kessels
This work consists of forty ads designed using a layout typical of the mid twentieth century.
One of these adverts is genuine, the rest are fictious. Each of the fakes treads the line between believable and ridiculous, with the viewer asked to differentiate between the two.
As a whole, the series makes a point about how homogenous and interchangeable mainstream design can be.

EventArchitectuur by Herman Verkerk and Paul Kuipers is located in Amsterdam and was established in 1993. It is an architectural design studio that tries not to define its style. It aims deliberately to make the outcome of projects a result of the interaction of different participants in the design process. The studio recognises the dependence on the know-how of so many experts (clients, designers, advisers and builders) and tries to include these within the design team.
The way EventArchitectuur communicates is not through style or a personal handwriting from a master designer or design team but by the definition of space. It defines space as a three dimensional organisation of light, sound and movement. Architecture in this definition becomes the temporarily stopping of certain processes (matter) to organise other processes (time). Designing then is to make this moment/snapshot of space that can last five minutes but also fifteen years depending on the assignment.

KesselsKramer is an independent international communications agency located in Amsterdam. It lives in an old church, comprises thirty four people of eight different nationalities and has been in operation since 1996. Its campaigns include Absolut Vodka, Diesel Jeans, 55DSL, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Unilever, Bavaria Beer and J&B.
As well as its advertising work, KesselsKramer develops projects for its own brand, ‘do’. KK also has a publishing arm, KesselsKramer Publishing, which was set up to test the boundaries of what books can do.
The company believes in a wide diversity of creative projects, and doesn’t like to be bound by any one medium, instead executing interesting thinking in whatever way it can. With this in mind, KesselsKramer opened London’s KK Outlet in early 2008. KK Outlet continues KesselsKramer’s sprit of variety and exploration by combining a communication agency, a gallery space and a shop.

photos: Yves Krol

40 Trade Ads, Erik Kessels, 2008