VIVID Gallery at Design Miami / Basel

June 8 - 13, 2009

VIVID Gallery presented in Basel at the Design Miami / Basel fair the 3 big names in Design Art:

Studio Job
Atelier van Lieshout
Jaime Hayon

After having a solo exhibition in 2004 in Rotterdam, Studio Job is again presenting work for the VIVID Gallery: two giant-sized models of
domestic objects, Spoon and Candleholder, each entirely clad in 24K white gold mosaic from Bisazza. These objects are from the collection Silverware that Job Smeets & Nynke Tynagel designed for Bisazza Limited Editions in 2007.

The Liquor Master a figure made out of foam, fiberglass, metal and functioned as a bar cabinet together with the Fossil Chaise Longue are the unique pieces by Atelier van Lieshout VIVID proudly presents.
For the 2009 series of furniture, Joep van Lieshout choose the human figure as starting point. Sculptures have been transformed by adding just a few items that changed them into furniture pieces. On one side furniture has been made out of human sculptures (the bodysofa) on the other side prints of people are used for several pieces (fossils, liquor man). The results were not designed but the process dictated the outcome of this furniture.

VIVID will show new work by Jaime Hayon. For the first time Hayon is working with Pyrex glass, 3 spectacular, unique, pieces will be presented alongside a handpainted ceramic black & white vase covered with 18K golden dots.
Design Miami/ Basel
In its fourth edition, Design Miami/ Basel is moving to Hall 5, a new, larger location at the heart of the Basel exhibition complex. Just adjacent to Halls 1 and 2, where Art Basel is held, Hall 5 offers not only more floor space for the expanding fair, but also a more integrated experience for the tens of thousands of visitors who come to the city for both Design Miami/Basel and Art Basel.
Design Miami/ Basel will take place June 8-13, 2009.