Scholten & Baijings
Vegetables &
Japanese furnishings

November 8, 2009 -
January 3, 2010

opening reception:
Sunday November 8, 4 pm

Japanese furnishings

Scholten & Baijings have designed three tables in thinned wood for the new brand ‘K New Standard’ Japan. The tables vary in size, colour and pattern and are the result of considerations based on the characteristics of thinned wood as well as woodworking traditions. Small diameter wood is joined to form a volume. The symbolic layers of a contemporary view on traditional shapes and techniques are achieved by superimposing
different layers of colour shades and patterns. The texture of the wood is overlayed with translucent colour, which in turn is overlayed with a printed graphic pattern. The layers balance each other out and create depth in the stained and printed oak.

Also on display in Rotterdam will be:
- The Scholten & Baijings collection of glassware produced by Royal Leerdam Crystal, using the purest variety of crystal a pink transparent layer is overlayed with a white opaque layer, with a line design cut using a small diamond disk.

- Conversation pieces for the interior, items that constitute a contemporary interpretation
of masterpieces from the Zuiderzee museum collection like the marken cabinet and the pegged chair.

- New 'classic' lounge chair for Gelderland

- Suprisingly new 'Vegetables'

Scholten & Baijings

Stefan Scholten (1972) and Carole Baijings (1973) established Scholten & Baijings, Studio for Design, in 2000. Scholten & Baijings produce both independent and commissioned work that is presented in galleries and museums, and sold worldwide. In addition to their own collection, they work for companies and institutions such as National Historical Museum, Zuiderzee Museum, Amsterdam Historical Museum, Royal Crystal Leerdam, Thomas Eyck and many more. In their designs they make use of grids, light effects, colour, transparency and layered patterns. Scholten & Baijings’ work is characterized by minimal design and a keen eye for detail.

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