Video Zoetrope Bench      

Minale Maeda

September 22 - November 10, 2013

opening Sunday September 22, 4 pm


A new large round Zoetrope Bench commissioned by Galerie VIVID will be the highlight of this exhibition. Zoetrope refers to an early animation technique. This contraption was used in the early days of photography to bring movement to still images. New images follow each other in rapid succession, creating the illusion of movement. Applied to the repetition of modules in traditional fabric patterns a new fabric was designed together with a circular revolving sofa upholstered with it, proving the fascination of simple techniques is still relevant in the digital age.

Also on display will be 'Murano Jars' a collection of 15 unique glass pieces, seemingly humble preserving jars realised in the most surprising traditional glass blowing techniques. They were made this year by craftsmen in Murano, Italy.


Studio Minale-Maeda was founded in 2006 by Kuniko Maeda (born in 1976 in Tokyo) and Mario Minale (born in 1973 in Naples, Italy). It is a design firm based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio is interested in the effects of consumerism and design’s potential to improve quality of life, and their work reveals an ongoing awareness of the possibilities of both mass-production and skilled craftsmanship.

Maeda studied Science of Design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, graduating in 1999. The Italian born, German-raised Minale studied Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal, graduating in 2001. The pair met at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where they both earned their IM Master degrees in 2004: their studio was opened shortly after. Since that time, they’ve collaborated with a variety of companies and craftsmen, from the likes of Droog and Skitsch to traditional weavers and upholsterers in Italy and porcelain crafters in Japan.

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