Water Carafes, 2010
H 20 W 30 D 20 cm

H 7.9 W 11.8 D 7.9 inch

Edition of 8
Water, a limited edition of eight clear glass water carafes designed by Amsterdam based designer Pieke Bergmans, is a characteristic example of design deriving from the arts and crafts tradition. A creative process closely affiliated to fine arts, a process that has nothing to do product design in terms of industrial mass production. Being hand crafted, the Water carafes are expected to have flaws, actually having ‘flaws’ is part of their conception to the point that one might wonder whether they are left unfinished or have been distorted after their completion. Non finito, as the sculptures of Michelangelo or destructed/deconstructed, the Water carafes become mysteriously seductive. Defying rationality, they become the canvas for the expression of emotions. Capturing our imperfection they become a re-inscription of romanticism.