Alexander Schabracq

September 19 - October 31, 2021

opening exhibition:

Sunday September 19, 16.00 hrs

Alexander Schabracq considers his art, or visual arts in general, as materialized reflections of a personal development. Especially in the first twenty years of the 21th century we can determine and state that there’s a great freedom in style and concept in the visual arts. There is no real current or art movement nowadays more than 'postconceptualism'.
During the second half of the eighties, Schabracq developed his 'deconstructions' as a reflection on society, simultaneously with the deconstructivism in architecture, literature and philosophy of that same era. But today he’s convinced that all the need to create…., while concepts are more liberated then ever before and without restrictions,… is brought back to the level of the individual. Therefore according to him it’s 'the personal myth', which manifests itself as numerous products in a chronological order during one’s life. His artworks are sometimes reactions to previous works or just a serial build-up on several personal fascinations and therefore his thematical contents, which is on itself again the product of his lifelong development.

It’s a firm conviction of Alexander Schabracq that there’s an important misconception about conceptual art. Concepts aren’t just thought up by sitting down and being clever. Concepts are produced by : doing, making, struggling, falling and getting up again, redoing, selfreflection, and maybe some thinking.




Concrete Art 1965 - 2021

June 13 - September 5, 2021

opening exhibition and book launch:

Sunday June 13, 16.00 hrs

“How can it be, with such a limitation, that you don’t end up repeating yourself. In my case it’s a matter of: Art evolves from art. The result is nothing but art”

Since the early 1960s, Bonies (b. The Hague, 1937) has worked exclusively with geometric shapes and the primary colours red, yellow, blue, plus green and white if required. These colour elements emerge according to a mathematical system, and he then arranges them. Colour and form and the space between are, for Bonies, the building blocks for constructions that speak for themselves  and are also in a relationship with the surrounding space. In his oeuvre, now spanning some sixty years, form and colour have been completely liberated from any servitude to descriptive depiction or allusion: Concrete Art, it is what you see. Or is there more to it?

The exhibition 'Bonies' (Bob Nieuwenhuis) at Galerie VIVID shows important large works: paintings, sculptures and textiles.

The gallery initiated the 304-pages-book 'Bob Bonies' that will have it's launch at the opening of the exhibition.

40 years ago, for a retrospective of Bob Bonies work in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the graphic designer Walter Nikkels designed  the catalogue for this exhibition with a text by Rudi Fuchs. For this book we have the same ‘winning’ team expanded with a contribution of Jetteke Bolten-Rempt and published by  Verlag der Buchhandlung  Walther und Franz König in Cologne.  The book was edited by Aad Krol, co-director of Galerie VIVID.
Bob Bonies  applies his approach of reducing things to their essence also to publications about his work. Since the 1960s he has insisted that every catalogue, art book, newspaper or magazine are illustrated not with photographs of his paintings, but with graphic representations. To see, in this way, 220 paintings by Bonies over six decades makes this an unique publication, which is therefore a work of art in itself.

Bob Bonies Book
Text: Rudi Fuchs and Jetteke Bolten-Rempt
Graphic Design: Walter Nikkels
Initiating and editing: Aad Krol
Print: Coers & Roest, Arnhem, NL
Published by:
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König

Persbericht Galerie VIVID Bonies

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