April 25th to June 13th 2004

Jurgen Bey

Jurgen Bey was asked to design the reception space of the Interpolis office building in Tilburg. The office space is ment for small meetings.
Interpolis, a Dutch insurance company, has its origin in the Dutch agrarian world . Bey wants to bring this agrarian origin forward. The reception chambers are treated as a Sunday chamber and contain the wealth and beauty of a country interieur with his archetypische pieces of furniture.

The "ear-chairs" Jurgen Bey designed, were inspired by similar traditional European chairs.
Like the original examples with a curved shape around the head (next to the ears, hence the name) Bey exaggerated this element. Different sizes accentuate the degree of isolation the user wants from his co-workers.

In the exhibitionspace of VIVID in Rotterdam a part of the Interpolis reception chamber will be reconstructed. Completed with a number of related designs the visitor will get a good
picture of Jurgen Bey's idea upon the (future?) workplace.